Mundo Aguilón is a residence with quality accommodation located on a remarkable golf course in the south of the region of Murcia, on the Almeria coast, and at the beginning of the Andalusian coast. The landscapes, the gastronomy and the climate that surrounds this small corner of paradise do not leave visitors indifferent. Virgin and spectacular beaches, other more animated and touristy, other with sports and leisure ... There is something for everyone!

The golf course "Aguilón Golf" located in front of the residence offers a high quality of services and 5 possible types of tee starts that will leave golf lovers speechless.

Mundo Aguilón has a unique climate to enjoy its beautiful natural resources: little precipitations in autumn and spring, long hot summers and very mild winters.

Pulpi, the village closest to the residence, has a great diversity of ecosystems, in addition to the beach, the mountains, sea, ... In front of the residence, next to the sea, is the charming village of San Juan de los Terreros and its 10 km of paradisiacal beaches, which can be enjoyed all year round, and that extend to the surprising city of Águilas in addition to its carnival, one of the most famous in the country.

You must absolutely enjoy a walk on the dike to finish with a candlelight dinner in its extraordinary castle overlooking the entire bay, where Andrès offers a particularly warm welcome if you come from Mundo Aguilon).